Last summer I was shopping around for a daybed that would fit well in my Brooklyn apartment, and I couldn’t find anything I liked or that didn’t cost a small fortune, so I decided to make something myself. As a long time Donald Judd fan, I decided to use his famous design as a starting point, did a few quick calculations, and headed to the Home Depot for some 1 x 12″ Pine boards and dowels.

I wanted the piece to be all natural, so after building it, I used pure Tung Oil thinned with D-Limonene (a liquid hydrocarbon made from orange peels) as a beautiful stain and sealer. The mattress is a twin size natural latex of 3 layers. The hidden storage area is stained with pure eastern Cedar Oil to keep out those pesky moths (it was difficult and more expensive for me to source the actual Cedar boards so I just stained the Pine with the Cedar Oil instead).

Its a real shame I’ve never been to the Judd Foundation, so I’ll definitely be making an appointment soon! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question. Thanks!

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