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Exhibition Calendar

November 26, 2018. Your Daily Photograph. Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

September 29, 2018. Generally Insignificant. Bushwick Open Studios.

| September 22-23, 2017. Metaphysical Delight. Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). See where James works. 12-7PM.

| September 22, 2017. Seeking Space. Arts In Bushwick group show. Opening party 7PM, Beyond Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

| August 10, 2017. Irreverence Fills The Void. Solo Show, Gallery 265 (265 Madison Avenue), New York City.

|  April 3 2017. Your Daily Photograph. Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, California.

|  July 26th, 2014.  Color.  National Juried Show selected by Lauren Hinkson, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim Museum.  BWAC, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

|  October 28th, 2013.  Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, Nurture Art Benefit, New York City.

May 11th and 12th, 2013.  Parallax Art Fair,  Prince George Ballroom, New York City.

|  August 4th, 2012.  Art viewing party at Axis Films & Content.  Work by James Godman.

|  December 28 – January 1, 2012.  New York Group Show, Rebellion & Empowerment in Contemporary Art.  Kianga Ellis Projects, Brooklyn, NY.

|  August 2011.  Seven Seas Gallery, Nantucket Massachusetts.

|  March 10 – 24, 2009.  A selection of my work from the Micros series will be digitally featured at Bang and Olufsen, simulcast in New York, Frankfurt, and Istanbul.

About James Godman

James Godman is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA. Exploring themes of decay, transformation, and human behavior, James’ work has been described as provocative, unafraid, and startlingly good.

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