Generally Insignificant

This series is a further exploration of some experiments from 2010. Too often what is propagated as worthy of a read is Generally Insignificant. But look more closely, and things start to get interesting.

My friend and scholar, Karina Clarke, PhD, sent me this wonderful text about the series:

I’m really digging this (new) direction you’ve take with your art. It’s disruptive, yet constant, there is some feeling that it desensitizes instability. It’s abundant yet not whole…good stuff, James.

A lot of what you’re doing it reminiscent of the struggles of Modernist poets. I think that’s why I particularly related to your current work. It’s very new, but also very nostalgic as well. It questions the existential—however the questioning in the early 20th century was more self-assured.

And it seems appropriate for today’s (political and social) climate. It’s not illusion, it’s an unstable whole.

Limited edition museum quality prints available here.

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